SPARC Meetings

Meetings are held every Tuesday at 7:00 PM at our clubhouse, located at 400 Glennwood Drive in Spartanburg, SC.

Parking is right in front of the building.

Here is a link to Google Maps which shows the exact location where our meetings are held.
You can also see street views of the clubhouse and get directions from your location.

The regular meeting schedule is as follows:

Business Meetings
Our monthly business meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month except July.  The July business meeting is held on the 2nd Tuesday to avoid conflicts with Independence Day activities.  After a brief time of business, there is often a short program presented on some aspect of Amateur Radio.  Visitors are always welcome.

Board Meetings
The members of the Board of Directors meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month for the purpose of planning and conducting the business of SPARC.  There is also a ragchew session for other members and visitors.

Ragchew Sessions
Every other Tuesday is a ragchew session, which is open to everyone.  Ragchew sessions are informal gatherings of fun and fellowship for “chewing the rag” about any and all subjects.

Updated 12/26/2021

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